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Legal Operations impacts every law firm whether they are in-house or private law firms. Every law professional is required to proactively help maintain corporate data visibility, reduce costs whilst maximising billable hours and mitigate compliance risk in structured processes.


Vrdict empowers legal teams by giving the tools, infrastructure and creativity needed to build integrated self service solutions using cloud technology. We wil improve the services you offer and the way you run your practice with experienced computer sciencists qualified and experienced within the legal industry. Thus, gaining quick and defensible edge on early case assessment and case strategy, improving profitability and redefining your competitive position.

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Legal Tech  Transformation

Vrdict can assist lawyers to pursue new methods for handing routine work (e.g. M&A, Document Review) to a effortless automated workflow. Removing manual effort for filing, docketing and calendaring tasks, freeing up time to provide strategic advice to clients.

Once you have your systems in place Vrdict provides complete adoption support to ensure that processes matches the new capabilities so we help you design your processes and train end users in using your new system so that everyone can reap the benefits and work more efficiently. 

Legal Operations

Simplify complex Legal Operations and improve with sustainable practice and matter management.

Vrdict empowers businesses to self-serve routine legal tasks such as contracts through a customised and integrated legal automation solution within your existing chosen Cloud provider. 

Vrdict can support users by bringing silos and teams together by enabling them to chat, call, stream videos or video call at any time. By setting up a team's space with all the apps you need and keep your data central. 

Full Data Immersion Experience

Experience better data management throughout the entire lifecycle. Vrdict helps lawyers in fostering a data culture using the latest reporting and analytics. Whilst managing your overall discovery of data, keeping your users secure and streamline customers. 


We can demonstrate how to use the tools and support customisation to help you to make confident decisions using data analytics and real-time insights.


Electronic discovery is the process of identifying and delivering electronic information that can be used as evidence in legal cases.


You can use eDiscovery tools to search for content in multiple cloud apps. You can search mailboxes and sites in the same eDiscovery search, and then export the search results. You can use Core eDiscovery cases to identify, hold, and export content found in mailboxes and sites. Or Premium plans provide further management of custodians and analyze content by using the feature-rich Advanced eDiscovery solution.

Artifical Intelligence

Discover what is possible by turning meaningful innovation into actionable results.

AI is a robust framework for developing AI solutions in conversational AI, machine learning, data sciences, robotics and IoT. By partnering with a cloud provider, we can visualise your AI Strategy to build AI-enabled services that accelerate development of AI solutions. Create intelligent applications, customized to your organization’s availability, security, and compliance requirements.

KPMG streamlines fraud analytics

KPMG is helping financial institutions save millions in compliance costs with its customer risk analytics solution, which uses Text Analytics to detect patterns and keywords to flag compliance risks. Read their success story here

Find out how you can use Text Analytics to detect patterns and keywords in your legal operations by contacting us at Info@Vrdict.co.uk

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